Initial Exam

You will receive a Chiropractic evaluation to help me better understand you.  This process includes palpation the skin to get a clear read on your spine and its positions.  This exam tests the spine in static prone position and active sitting or standing positions.  Some of the orthopedic tests are designed to diagnose problem areas, where I document and palpate for spinal movement or lack of movement, all in the interest of providing important information.  I will check your reflexes and dermatomes, skin sensations on the surface.  These also give me valuable information, which I will use for adjusting you. I will most likely send you out for x-rays at this point.  I use the services of Asheville Radiology on Biltmore Avenue, right across from the hospitals for my x-ray needs. 

Health history consultation

I will ask you to have a seat in my adjusting room for the case history review.  At this point I will have read over your written portion.  I will ask additional health related questions regarding injuries in your history such as motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, and falls.  If you have had broken bones or any chronic health problems, I will most likely ask you more in depth questions concerning those.




Please wear loose, comfortable clothing to your appointment.  Please eat something within a few hours before your treatment. I will go through a thorough health history with you and answer any questions you might have about Chinese Medicine.  I will then take your pulse and look at your tongue, two of the primary Chinese Medicine diagnostic techniques, to develop your diagnosis and treatment plan.  I will then insert sterile, hair-thin needles into acupuncture points and let you rest and relax for 20-40 minutes.

As a new patient coming in for your first visit at our Asheville Chiropractic Wellness Center, there are a few points you might like to know about how an initial visit unfolds and what to expect from each of the healing modalities we offer.  A thorough health history helps us to better understand you and your personal needs.  Initial intake forms are available below for each of our healing modalities if you would like to print them out before arriving for your appointment.  Please bring your insurance card and a photo ID on your first visit.


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