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Asheville, NC

With a background in bodywork, Doctor Alice spent over 11 years working as a massage therapist with private clients at the Grove Park Inn here in Asheville. While there, she began to notice, see, and feel misalignments in the spines of her clients. She recommended Chiropractic Care for these clients frequently and began to feel a natural call to pursue a Chiropractic career herself. 

 She chose to attend Sherman College in Spartanburg, SC, and graduated in June of 2003.  Doctor Alice has been happily practicing Chiropractic care ever since. 

She believes in warming up soft tissues first so that the alignment occurs with ease and the adjustment maintains longer duration. Doctor Alice Hardin does what she loves and loves what she does!

You can learn more about Dr. Alice's philosophy from her website:

Dr. Alice Hardin

Dr. Alice Hardin, of Hardin Chiropractic, is the resident Chiropractic doctor here at      Keys to Health. She is dedicated to promoting heart based professional care for your great-est health.                 

Her mission is to honor each patient that comes to her for who they are and to see their  many gifts to the world. To meet them where they are on all levels, to use her abilities to deliver, with accuracy and purpose, Chiropractic Adjustments that free up sublaxations, or misalignments, of the spine, which allows for optimal nerve flow and vibrant health.     

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