Alexis Dunn

NC LMBT#13171

Keys to Health


Asheville, NC

Alexis has a respect for Massage and Bodywork Therapy, and holds every session sacred. Her work is very fluid. She strives to wake up all the muscles that have been sleeping, helping them breathe again. Finding importance in how you feel, she loves to ensure that her clients are comfortable and relaxed. She wants you to leave her table feeling less stressed, taller, more flexible and loose, lighter, and most importantly relieved and in peace. 


Alexis is working hand in hand with Alice Hardin, DC in order to ensure each patient experiences individualized therapeutic care. Dr. Alice and the Keys to Health Team want you to utilize this community as a healing space where you can find relief. Alexis looks forward to meeting you and is honored by the opportunity to be a part of caring for your well-being. Thank you for being here!

Alexis Dunn

Alexis Dunn is the resident Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist here at Keys to Health. She believes that massage is integral to a life of wellness, and that it can work wonders in every life. Alexis withholds two personal mantras as inspiration for her work:

1) Relaxation is very powerful.

2) Mind and body are one. Clean the body and clear the mind.


 Asheville Wellness Center

91 Mt. Carmel Road

Asheville, NC 28806

(828) 505-3905